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Smash The Lamp

Seasonal Workshops Designed To Restore The Creator’s Intrinsic and Artistic Motivation

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Calling All Creators.

Turn on the lamp and start the day. Turn off the lamp and end the day. What did you see? It's likely you don't remember. It's likely it wasn't important.
Challenge: Slow Down. Turn on. Tune in.


Crafted by the Halogen Company, Smash The Lamp is a series of seasonal workshops available for creators to do just that. Care. Restore your artistic motivation, reboot the machine, and turn the light switch in your mind to a radiant ON. Armed with workshops that touch on topics like intimacy, inner critics, indulgence and more, Smash The Lamp celebrates the intrinsic motivations of creators and invites you to care beyond results. 

Ever heard the phrase "bump the lamp"? We challenge you to smash it.