One Exit

One Exit


Hell isn’t other people, it’s you.

Welcome to the In Between

“the company steps right into the “one to watch” category with this one”
— No Proscenium


A SOLD OUT Original Immersive Production

July 11-14th 2019

Welcome to The In Between where all souls pass before the end. You enter together safe in musings and doubt, you pass through alone, with only one exit out.  Hell isn’t other people, it’s you. Will you repent or indulge?

This immersive theatre experience takes you through The In Between, unearthing past traumas, revealing secrets and putting your souls on the line. Including an escape room installment, this is sure to be one hell of a time.

This truly unique show blends elements from Sartre’s No Exit and Dante’s Inferno to create an atmosphere that simulates a type of dread that is slowly bubbling over the surface of its container. People have been telling me to go to Hell for years, and if I knew it was going to be this enjoyable, I would have done it much sooner.
— Horrorbuzz.com
Directed by Julia Henning, One Exit is a magnificent look into several different aspects of death, sin, and fate. With many thematic layers to dive into at play, this is a production that will stick with me for some time.
— Haunting.net
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